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Frequently Asked Questions


October 4-6th, 2019 is the dates for the 14th Annual Pure Aloha Fall. Pure Aloha Community Development Corporation hosts two events annually, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. The Spring event is normally during the third weekend of April.

Friday 10/04/19: 5pm – 12am, Saturday 10/05/19: 1pm – 12am, Sunday 10/06/19: 1pm – 10pm

The 14th annual Pure Aloha Fall 2019 will be at the Silverton Casino Hotel’s front parking lot.

No, this is an ALL ages event. Pure Aloha is a family event that is set up to entertain peoples of all ages.

The festival cultural performances generally begin an hour after the gates open. The evening concerts generally start around 8pm.

o Friday: Anuhea and Redmelo
o Saturday: Kaipo Kapua, Boomdraw, and Ka’ikena Scanlan
o Sunday: Baba B, Typical Hawaiians, and Chief Ragga

No food or beverages are allowed into the event. No coolers are allowed into the venue.

Yes, we will have a bathroom area with multiple Portable bathrooms. The bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day along with being pumped out a minimum of twice per day. ADA restrooms will be available in the bathroom area as well.

The admission tickets and the beverage stands are cash only. The vendor retail and food booths are all different according to what they accept. ATMs will be available onsite near the ticketing booth and scattered throughout the event.

If you lost something at the event, call our main office line (702)477-0229. If there is no answer, leave a message and we will contact you back with information as soon as possible. You may also contact us through email, [email protected] If you are onsite and looking for a lost item you may find a Vizzun Staff member to contact the office for you. You may also head to the box office at the entrance, there will always be staff members present.

Yes, there is a parking lot to the right as you are entering the Silverton Casino Hotels property, which is the best place to park. There is also a parking structure available for use. There will be traffic directors out on the road helping to direct traffic and pedestrians safely to and from the parking lot.

Yes, security will be onsite 24/7.

Yes, there will be a few at the entrance as well as a few scattered throughout the event.

Re-entry is ONLY allowed before 8pm on Friday and Saturday, before 7pm on Sunday. NO re-entry will be allowed after those hours. See hours of operation so you may plan accordingly.

Yes, there is a large carnival and game section located at the event which will be available during all the event hours of operation. The carnival fees are different than the admission fees.

Ticketing Information

Tickets are NOT for sale online. Tickets will only be available for sale at the event box office located at the entrance. Tickets will be Cash only.

There are NO presale tickets available. You may only purchase tickets at the box office located at the entrance. Tickets will be cash only.

All general admission tickets are $10 before 8pm. After 8pm the cost of tickets will be $15. All children under 42 inches are free.

You may purchase tickets as soon as the gates open at 5pm on October 4th, 2019.

Concert Information

o Friday: Anuhea and Redmelo
o Saturday: Kaipo Kapua, Boomdraw, and Ka’ikena Scanlan
o Sunday: Baba B, Typical Hawaiians, and Chief Ragga

No, the concerts are included in the festival. In the past, there were two separate stages for festival and concerts, now we include the concert performers on the festival stage for free.

There is no added fee. The general admission festival fee is $10 before 8pm and $15 after 8pm, 7pm on Sunday.

Unfortunately, we do not allow for personal chairs to be brought into the event. There will be chairs set up along with eating tents filled with tables and chairs.

Vendor Information

Absolutely NO beverages can be sold during the event!

Yes, the tents are included. You may not bring your own tent to use for your booth.

You do not have to rent the tables and chairs from Vizzun Entertainment, but you may rent them from other companies. You may also bring your own.

No, you will have to provide your own lights for your booth.

No, Vizzun Entertainment and Silverton Casino hotel will not be providing change for the vendors.

Carnival Information

The carnival company sells cards, which you can put money on to use for the rides and games.

The carnival and games are open the same hours as the festival and concerts.

 Friday 10/04/19: 5pm – 12am

Saturday 10/05/19: 1pm – 12am

Sunday 10/06/19: 1pm – 10pm


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